My name is Monika and I’m the creator of brands „Moda London“ and „Niche by Monika“. My motto that describes my career and business is:

Do what you love and turn it into something that the others will love.

I truly love my job. Fashion and fragrances are my passion and have accompanied me all my life. I offer my customers selected brands that guarantee quality, originality, timelessness and uniqueness.

I am searching for brands that are produced with respect to traditions, with a love for craft and with freedom – these are values that I respect since the beginning of business.

Our customers are not „ordinary buyers“ that come and leave. We are building up long-lasting relationships with our clients. Relationships based on mutual trust and similar values. I believe this is the reason why we are on the market for 25 years.

A long time ago, when my passion for fashion had been already burning for years, new love and passion awakened in me – not in the hot blooded Italian or the elegant Frenchman – but in the NICHE scents that I brought back home from my trips abroad.

Now I’m passing on this passion, uplifting style and broadening the view of my clients and friends not only in the field of fashion, but also with focus to luxurious quality fragrances.

I believe that it is the scent that will allow people to dream and transfer their mind in time and space. The scent that can remind moments from their childhood, any place, a moment or a beloved person. My dream is to be able to teach my clients to slow down for a while and let themselves be carried away by the moment with precisely crafted scents, remembering deeply forgotten places and situations, or draw them into imaginations of distant countries and places they are willing to visit.

It is important to dream and fight for your dreams. One of my dreams came true in the „Niche by Monika“ brand.

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Our shop is located in the picturesque spa town of Luhačovice, which lies in the southeast of the Czech Republic.

Luhačovice is the 4th largest spa in the Czech Republic and the largest spa in Moravia region. People with respiratory diseases are mainly treated here. Local healing mineral springs are famous. There are 6 natural springs and several dozen drilled springs – the most famous is the Vincentka spring, the mineral water of the same name with beneficial effects and medicinal products made from it can be purchased all over the country.

Luhačovice is known for its architecture with unique buildings designed by architect Dusan Jurkovic. This spa town has its own special atmosphere. The best time for visit is the spring season, when everything around blooms, and then during the summer, when the spa season is at its peak and Luhačovice is full of promenading spa guests. But the city also has special charm in autumn, when all the surrounding trees are colored in beautiful colors, or in winter, when nature sleeps and rests and everything is so quiet around.

You will find our shop on the main spa promenade with shops, restaurants and cafés – directly in the center of living. Practically every spa guest is passing by our store during their stay in Luhacovice.

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The history of the brand dates back to the 1990s, to a time that brought freedom not only to our country. Of course, this freedom not only had a political dimension, but also significantly relaxed our minds and the overall atmosphere on the market and among people who started to pay more attention to fashion and design, exploring foreign brands and willing higher quality standards.

The first flagship of our business was a fashion store in Luhačovice, followed by stores in other cities and also the well-known luxury store in Prague, Na Příkopě, where there were already exclusively Italian goods offered. In 2016, my daughter was born and I have interrupted all my megalomaniac activities and moved to my place of origin. This brought me back to my roots and the beginning of my business, to Luhačovice, where it all started and where it continues. Here I’m now working on strenghtening and further developing my brands „Moda London“ and „Niche by Monika“.


In our store we are now offering exclusive goods of following niche brands, sametime being open minded and welcoming new potential partners that might be interested in setting up new mutual business relationship.


Are you niche perfume or scents maker?

We are always welcoming a possibility to broaden our horizons in the world of niche, exploring new exciting scents. We’ll be glad to talk to you about your niche scents, your philosophy and history, and in case of interest about a possibility of adding your goods into our store and e-shop offer.

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